Why Choose Us

Get Money Back

$2 Billion Dollars of Refunds Go Unclaimed Each Year!

No Recovery, No Cost

Go ahead, take it. After all, it’s your money! If we don’t recover anything for you, you don’t owe us anything.

It is Common Practice

Over 40% of the Fortune 500 use a third party to monitor their FedEx and UPS accounts.

Cut Costs

Save money every month with automated auditing for maximum recovery!

It’s Easy to Start

With no set-up fees and no long-term commitment, you have nothing to worry about.

“When Refund Logistics contacted me, I was extremely hesitant to allow a 3rd party business access to my FedEx account.  After researching their company and contacting some referrals, I allowed access.  I operate a full service dental laboratory and don’t have time to review the FedEx… ”

Hal A, Vice President / Co-Founder, Dental Laboratory

“I own a small, but very busy industrial manufacturing company. I was approached by Refund Logistics about my shipping and must admit that I was skeptical at first. Usually, when something seems too good to be true it is. With no perceivable downside I decided… ”

William P, Owner Industrial Manufacturing Company

“Recently, I signed up with Refund Logistics and wanted to say how well it has worked out.  I simply gave them my UPS accounts and access to my account at the ups billing center and they setup the rest.  They run all shipment details through… ”

Larry F, Owner - Internet Retail Company

Reduce Your Shipping Expense with Refund Logistics

The expense of shipping is a fact of life, but reducing that expense just got easier.
Refund Logistics trims your shipping costs by securing all of the credits and refunds that you are due on your FedEx and UPS accounts.
Depending on your shipping characteristics, the percentage of your budget eligible for refunds and credits can be as high as ten percent.

Refund Logistics electronically examines your FedEx and UPS shipping charges – automatically identifying, claiming and confirming refunds for all late packages. Additionally, our audit list generates credits for all other erroneous over-charges and billing errors.

At the end of the month, a report will be sent to you itemizing all of the refunds and credits that we’ve had posted directly back to your FedEx and UPS accounts.

All of our work is performed on a contingency basis, invoicing only for a percentage of the savings that we are able to generate for your accounts. We never charge any set-up fees or monthly fees of any sort.

There is no commitment, just a simple month-to-month Agreement.

  • Over 40% of the FORTUNE 500% use a 3rd party to monitor FedEx and UPS Accounts

  • $2 Billion in refunds remain unclaimed each year.

  • No Additional tasks or duties are required of your personnel to produce this offset to your shipping budget.

  • We do not interfere with your FedEx or UPS contract, the carriers don’t know that we are engaged by our clients.

  • Service Refunds are a part of the Carrier Agreement.

What are the basics?

Each year, up to 10% of the packages handled by the major carriers don’t fulfill the guaranteed performance parameters. When this happens to one of your packages, it is up to you to notify the carrier within 15 days, or you pay full price for the non-performance.

  • Our process automatically identifies and claims these refunds and credits on your behalf.

  • We invoice you directly for a percentage of the refunds and credits after they have appeared on your carrier account.

  • No extra tasks are required by your personnel. Your shipping data is electronically retrieved by our system and audited for the following:

  • Late Deliveries

  • Invalid Address Corrections

  • Invalid Residential Surcharges

  • Duplicate Invoices

  • Unauthorized Account Use

  • Manifested but not Shipped

  • Delivery Area Surcharges

  • Proof of Signature

There are no account fees or set-up charges.  Refund Logistics works solely on a contingency basis.