After electronically retrieving our customers shipping data from the carriers, our audit-engine examines every package and parcel for the following refundable credits.

Carrier Caused Exceptions

  • Late Deliveries

  • Invalid Residential Surcharges

  • Signature Required Service

  • Pending in Transit

  • No Proof of Delivery

  • Lost

  • Damage Claims

  • Incorrect Weight & Dimensions

  • Invalid Large Package Surcharges

  • Evening Deliveries

  • Fuel Surcharges

  • Invalid Pick-Up Fees

  • Invalid Address Corrections


  • Duplicate Charges

  • Rate Validation

Special Handling

  • Saturday Pick Up

  • Saturday Delivery

  • Declared Value

  • Delivery Area Surcharges

  • Extended Area Surcharges

  • Returns

  • Early AM Shipments

Shipper Caused Exceptions

  • Manifested but not Shipped Packages

  • Invalid Account Numbers

  • Dimensional Weight

Audit Definitions

Service Failure

A Late Package delivered after its’ guaranteed delivery time that is eligible for a GSR. (Guaranteed Service Refund)

Invalid Address Correction

The carrier charged a fee for an address correction that was correctly entered on the original manifest according to the US Postal database.

Invalid Residential Fee

The carrier charged a residential fee when the recipient was a business.

Manifested but not Shipped

The package was entered into the carrier system and billed, but was never shipped (also known as ”Voids”).

Duplicate Charges

The package was billed more than once.

Incorrect Saturday Pickup/Delivery Fees

Carrier should have picked up or delivered on a Saturday, and did not.

Dimensional Weight

We verify correct math and conversion from metric to standard.

Invalid Additional Handing Charge

We verify the package meets the criteria for an additional handling charge.

Invalid Large Package

We verify the package meets the criteria for a large package surcharge.

Fuel Surcharge

Increased surcharges are sometimes applied erroneously. We correct those errors.

Invalid Pickup Fees

If two or more packages are shipped from the same location on the same day and all packages have pickup fees. All are credited back except the first package.

Delivery Area Surcharges

We verify the package meets the criteria for a delivery area surcharge.

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