It’s one thing to recover parcel dollars lost. Uncovering new opportunities to save money is an entirely different matter. Applying advanced analytics leveraging 10 years of benchmarking data from more than 3,000 clients helps us design new cost-savings opportunities for your parcel spend via contract negotiation. Our data scientists and parcel consulting experts analyze your parcel agreement with objective, real-time benchmarking so you get actionable intelligence customized to your unique parcel environment.

We offer a technology-driven analytical service for cost optimization built to ensure that all processes related to your shipping contract terms are managed and executed as efficiently as possible, saving you money. From UPS® contract negotiation to FedEx® contract negotiation to network design to program forecasting that analyzes upcoming changes, this intelligence can be used to engineer custom optimizations for your shipping agreement. And the proof is in the numbers—on average, parcel shippers save 10% to 30% of their annual parcel spend through Carrier Contract Engineering.