FedEx credits are applied to the same invoice as the original package. The refunds are easy to see when you log on to the FedEx website, and visit Online Billing.

FedEx Billing Online

Follow these steps to see the credits for a given invoice:
(numbers indicate where to look in the example image)

  • Login to FedEx Billing Online

  • Find the invoice number listed on your Savings Statement, click it. If you don’t see the invoice number, click Search/Download. When the page loads choose “Invoice Number” in the drop-down menu of the “Quick Search” box, enter the invoice number.
  • From the “Invoice Detail View” page for the given invoice, click the “View Invoice History” link.
  • At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the “Dispute and Adjustment History” area (1). This shows the list of credits applied to the invoice.

  • Find the tracking number (2) you’re interested in (you can sort that column or any other if you like) and you’ll see an amount credited (3).

This image shows an invoiced amount of $4,394.30 and a paid amount of $3,835.69, along with several credits. While not all credits are shown, they would add up to the difference ($558.61).