Are you shipping internationally this summer? International shipping means you must have accurate and complete documentation. Dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s has never been more crucial. From the ever-changing government regulations and customs issues: from delaying of shipments and preventing shipment from reaching its destination, there are a lot of variables in play. Furthermore, securing good documentation is one of your best defenses.
To help you we compiled a list of links and forms in order to complete a proper International Air Waybill as well as a Commercial Invoice, two important documents for international packages which can be viewed here:
However, if you are shipping internationally you cannot afford to be without Refund Logistics auditing services. Allowing us to monitor your packages with our refund technology and can help you stop losing money in unclaimed refunds for late packages as well as other billing errors. FedEx’s and UPS’s guarantees to customers on late packages are entitled a refund of shipping charges even expensive international packages. Our parcel auditing software gives our customers, you – a direct recovery of these refunds.
For simplicity we have worked with our team and brainstormed an easier way for you to get your packages to their destination. We have created the FedEx and UPS international shipping resources side by side for you!
You can order pre-printed air waybills online or by calling 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339) and say “order shipping supplies”.
You can prepare documents online using FedEx Ship Manager® at You can also prepare customs documentation using FedEx International Document Assistance®.
FedEx Express International Document Preparation Terms and Conditions (as of 9/8/2005)
International Shipping how it works and full details of services.
The online My UPS site can help determine which forms are required for a given shipment. Login, enter your start and destination countries in the Forms for Export box, and the proper forms will appear with the option to complete them online.
International Shipping How-To Guide:
UPS Video How to Ship Internationally