When Refund Logistics contacted me, I was extremely hesitant to allow a 3rd party business access to my FedEx account.  After researching their company and contacting some referrals, I allowed access.  I operate a full service dental laboratory and don’t have time to review the FedEx invoices myself.  I am very pleased with the results I have received.  They are very thorough and maximize the credits from FedEx.  Time is money and they save me both!  I would highly recommend Refund Logistics to any business.

Hal A, Vice President / Co-Founder, Dental Laboratory

I own a small, but very busy industrial manufacturing company. I was approached by Refund Logistics about my shipping and must admit that I was skeptical at first. Usually, when something seems too good to be true it is. With no perceivable downside I decided to give the service a shot. It was a great decision as I have been seeing regular refund savings I otherwise would not have known even existed. I highly recommend Refund Logistics. What can be better than cutting my shipping budget with no labor costs on my end? Great Job, Refund Logistics, keep that money coming!

William P, Owner Industrial Manufacturing Company

Recently, I signed up with Refund Logistics and wanted to say how well it has worked out. Getting started was easy. They set up my accounts through the UPS billing center.  After that, all of my shipment details run through their automated process.  It obtains credits for all service issues, incorrect charges and missed guarantees. They bill for a percentage of what they save and the credits are applied directly on your UPS bills, there are no fees or long term contracts.

In the past I always tried to collect from UPS when they failed to deliver a package on time and found it impossible but now I’m getting refunds effortlessly on top of that they found a number of shipments I was charged for (created in Worldship) but never actually shipped!

I recommend you talk to them about how they might help your company!

Larry F, Owner - Internet Retail Company