Up to 10 percent of a company’s UPS® and FedEx® expenses are eligible for a refund due to the terms of carrier agreements not being met—everything from service failures to no proof of delivery, damaged goods to late packages, overcharges, and more.

  • Step One

    Enrollment requires completing only one brief form and your signature authorizing us to audit your account. No fees, no long-term contract. Cancel at any time.

  • Step Two

    All necessary data is downloaded directly from the carriers. Each parcel is scrutinized for refunds and credits that can be claimed.

  • Step Three

    Requests for refunds are submitted automatically. These requests are electronically monitored until the refunds are posted to your account.

  • Step Four

    Refunds are posted directly to your account by the carriers.

  • Step Five

    We invoice you monthly for a percentage of the refunds after you have received them.

More Details

Most importantly, no changes are made to your current practices. You never need to send us data, shipping reports, or interact with the carrier in order to get your refunds.

After your accounts are enrolled, Refund Logistics automatically examines your electronic shipping data weekly.

Our process scrutinizes more than 35 audit points, including; service failures (late packages), duplicate package charges, manifested but not shipped items, invalid address correction charges, invalid residential surcharges, and more. Click here for a complete list of our Audit Points. All refunds and credits are automatically credited directly back to your FedEx and UPS accounts. We never touch the money.

We invoice you monthly for a percentage of the savings.
Weekly itemized reports detail audit activity.

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How to Find Your UPS Credits

My UPS Billing Center

My UPS Billing Center


How to Find Your FedEx Credits

My FedEx Billing Center

My FedEx Billing Center


 Your data is cloud-hosted for your safety and is always treated as confidential.