UPS credits are applied to a future invoice after the dispute happens. You can look at the invoice listed on your Savings Statement to see credits for older packages. As an alternative, you can login to My UPS and within their Billing Center you can drill down to a specific invoice to see the refunds.

My UPS, Billing Center

Follow these steps to see the credits for a given invoice:
(numbers indicate where to look in the example image)

  • Login to My UPS, click “Billing”, and go to the “UPS Billing Center”.

  • Click “View Your Invoice”, and if your invoice number doesn’t appear in the list shown, use the search feature to find it (you may want to choose “all” in the invoice status). Click the invoice number you’re interested in.
  • The “Invoice Summary” page breaks up the invoice into overall sections. You may see a “Shipping Charge Corrections” link or a “Guaranteed Service Refunds” link (1). Click to show more details.
  • This page lists all credits for that invoice section. Locate the tracking number (2) and amount refunded (3).

These images show an invoiced amount of $43,112.22, reduced by $249.80 and by $3,612.49 for an amount due of $39,249.93, along with several credits. While not all credits are shown, they would add up to the difference ($3,862.29).