We’re all probably familiar with the saying “I feel like I’ve been robbed blind.” Well, unfortunately there are a lot of businesses, including government agencies, saying this throughout the U.S. again this year, and not just for the first time, but for the second time this year!

UPS has agreed to a $4.2 million settlement- as a result of falsely claiming that premium priced, next-day packages for delivery had actually reached their destination on schedule (you can see the full article, here). The settlement includes businesses throughout 14 states, and is the second time this year UPS has faced the same allegations of malpractice, covering services from 2004 to 2014.

For a business that conducts a lot of shipping, especially the higher cost next-day shipping, this can certainly be a make or break situation for the health of their business. If packages are time sensitive and are not in fact getting to their destination on time, but the business is still being charged for the service, it’s a double edge sword. The receiver of the package is upset for the late package, and the business shipping the package has created a poor customer experience and possibly lost business revenues, and still pays the full shipping price!

This is where Refund Logistics steps in and helps businesses. While we are based in Houston, Refund Logistics helps hundreds of businesses across the U.S. with shipping audits. Cross-referencing invoices and reports can be not only confusing, but an extremely time-consuming task for businesses. Refund Logistics takes this task off of your plate, at no cost to your business! We only take a percentage of what we SAVE you on a monthly basis, it’s that easy!

So, if you want to look like a hero in your office, reach out to us today and talk to a representative about how Refund Logistics can save your business money with our shipping audits, at no direct cost to you!

Want to see what we are all about- check out our shipping refund videos; http://refundlogistics.com/shipping-refund-videos/