We’d like to take a minute to welcome you to our new website. Throughout our site, you will find a host of useful information that will help you determine how working with Refund Logistics would be useful to your business.

What does Refund Logistics do?

Shipping expenses are a fact of business life, but we make it easier to reduce those costs. We work to trim your shipping costs by securing all credits and refunds that may be due to you on your FedEx and UPS accounts. Those refunds can at times be as high as 10%.

What type of shipping cost refunds can my company get?

We review your shipping data and examines it for a list of 35+ refundable credits and expenses including: late deliveries, no proof of delivery, invalid fees, duplicate charges, and much more.

How can my company get refunds for shipping expenses?

We have an easy process that will get you signed up and started saving money with us. You fill out the enrollment form with all of the necessary information, and we take care of the rest.

How much is this going to cost me?

Our services are provided at no additional cost to you. If we make no recoveries for you, you pay us nothing. Otherwise, we use a 50/50 split plan, which means we charge 50% of the FedEx and UPS refunds we recover for you. There are no monthly service charges or hidden fees involved.

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