Mail and shipping service providers have predicted a 14% increase in the number of packages delivered over this holiday season. UPS, Amazon and FedEx expect the busiest of days for deliveries are December 15th and December 22nd with millions upon millions of packages being filtered through their distribution facilities. Most of these shipping companies have pledged to hire thousands of seasonal temporary employees to handle the rush. However, after last year’s gargantuan mistake by UPS of failing to deliver thousands of packages by Christmas time for its customers and the onslaught it received via social media, it is likely that no matter how well this shipping company prepares in advance, it’s customers had better be prepared to pursue their guaranteed shipping refunds.

Add to that the horrifying videos reported on ABC’s 20/20 about the “Angry Mailman” and all the other mistreatment of packages while being delivered have made the public more aware of how these gifts and purchases are being handled. As a result, people are now taking better measures of ensuring their packages are being delivered on time and in the condition that they were packaged in.

“We expect the additional operating days and expanded capacity to smooth out what is expected to be record volume,” UPS Vice President Alan Gershenhorn said in an interview with USAToday.

This means that packages have a greater chance of being delivered late due and/or damaged to the high volume of deliveries between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If some of these late packages are yours, do you have the extra time and resources to jump through hoops to get reimbursed for their delivery mistake?

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